Established: December 7, 2023

Purpose of Art License

The AKIVERSE team aims to make AKIVERSE design assets available for use by a wide range of creators in creative activities related to AKIVERSE, regardless of whether they are individuals or legal entities, for-profit or non-profit organizations. To achieve this goal, we have established an art license that allows creators to use AKIVERSE design assets.

The fundamental principle of this art license is to promote an environment where creators can freely express themselves through AKIVERSE.

Basic Principles

  • 1. We welcome derivative works.
  • 2. Use is allowed for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • 3. For-profit entities engaging in derivative works or fan activities should contact us individually.
  • 4. Hate speech, illegal activities, content contrary to public order and morality, harassment, defamation, violent expressions, etc., are prohibited.

Based on the above basic principles, we define the art license for AKIVERSE assets as follows.


Available Materials

  • - AKIVERSE assets provided through the official website, social media, and community channels.
  • - These assets can be used freely, whether for personal or commercial purposes. Usage includes but is not limited to:
    • -- Creation, exhibition, distribution, streaming, and sale of content such as illustrations, manga, novels, videos, doujinshi, etc.
    • -- Creation, distribution, and sale of applications, games, music, audio works, 2D/3D models, etc.
    • -- Creation, exhibition, distribution, and sale of figures, dolls, cosplay, and other three-dimensional artworks, costumes, etc.
    • -- Creation and sale of NFTs.


Actions that Degrade the Image of AKIVERSE

  • - Usage methods that may be mistaken for official works or official content, such as titles of derivative works that are mistaken as official, acts of directly tracing assets, and claims of unofficial content as official.
  • - Usage methods that infringe upon the rights of others, hate speech, harassment, defamatory actions, or actions contrary to public order and morality.
  • - Use and public disclosure of game materials other than screenshots and gameplay videos.
  • - Using original content or derivative works to express personal ideologies.
  • - Using derivative works without the creator's permission.

To maintain the world of AKIVERSE, we kindly request that content usage adheres to public order and morality.


  • - AKIVERSE holds the copyright to original art related to AKIVERSE and the right to freely use it.
  • - AKIVERSE may showcase and use derivative works related to AKIVERSE on social media and related services.
  • - AKIVERSE reserves the right to freely change this art license without prior notice.
  • - AKIVERSE is not responsible for troubles caused by derivative works.
  • - This license has been created with reference to the following materials, and we express our gratitude for their contribution to understanding and creating advanced art licenses.